Geiger Ups the Radioactivity on the New Corvette Z06

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No matter how much horsepower an automaker dumps into a new model, no matter how blisteringly fast the car is straight out of the box, there will always be a buying public that wants more. More horsepower, more speed, more noise. And that buying public seems to be latching onto the already absolutely bonkers C7 Z06 Corvette.

With 650 horsepower, and 650lb-ft of torque, the new Z06 is an absolute monster of a car. It’s a rocket ship with four wheels. However, with the present problem of the supercharger grenading the engine, many people have turned to the aftermarket to help relieve the issue. One such tuning shop is the German outfit, Geiger.

For the company’s own Z06 package, it has boosted the total horsepower delivered up to 730 ponies. Insanity in any other dictionary, but just a Tuesday for Geiger. The Corvette also can come with a new exhaust, a new body kit, and a host of other goodies that will set your personal C7 Z06 off from every other one on the road.

However, these additions and modifications don’t come cheap. If you want the full Geiger package, it’s going to set you back $26k on top of the $80k you just spent on the new Z06.

So what do you think? Is 730 horsepower the magic number for the new Z06?

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