Genovation’s Electric Corvette Revs Up for 200 MPH World Record

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Don’t blink, or you might miss Genovation’s blazing fast all-electric Corvette GXE break another world record.

The 700-horsepower beast (concocted from a 2006 Corvette Z06) will try to top a previous record of 186.8 mph (see below) on an upcoming run at NASA’s landing strip at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. This time, the team is hoping that driver Johnny Bohmer can rocket the GXE to 200 mph, as highlighted in a Wired report.

“We think the car is fully capable of breaking 200 mph,” says Andrew Saul, CEO of the Maryland-based Genovation.

The electric ‘Vette, that we covered here earlier, is powered by a 44kWh battery pack with a driving range of about 130 miles. Barely enough for an average two-hour drive at 55 mph. But for the three-mile stretch of tarmac at NASA, it’s more than enough range to go for another record-breaking run.

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Via [Wired]

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