George Clooney’s ’58 Corvette Convertible Is All in the Family

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George Clooney Corvette

If you’re the jealous type, it would probably be really easy to hate George Clooney. The man just has a lot going for him, probably as a result of having great hair. Which is obviously a result of good genes. Which Clooney definitely has, not just because of the hair, but because his dad bought a 1958 Corvette convertible, back when it was new.

It’s probably fairly well known that Clooney drives a Corvette, indeed we covered it back in January. But at the time, I didn’t realize just how entrenched in Clooney history this classic ‘Vette really is. And it took a Daily Mail article for me to figure it out.

Though gossip is most definitely not my bag, Clooney’s sweet ride scrubs away that dirty feeling I usually get when looking at paparazzi pictures, as you can see in the gallery below. The rag also notes that the ’58 was purchased new by Clooney’s dad, Nick. And then they link to a 2013 Esquire story about Clooney, which features the following gem about the family ‘Vette:

“It is original to his family. Clooney’s father, Nick, bought it new, back when he was a radio broadcaster in Lexington, Kentucky. George grew up with it as one of the family cars, and it now has pride of place as a sort of Playboy Philosophy on wheels.”

A Playboy Philosophy on wheels. Yeah, that’s good. But does the car exude a different philosophy now that the owner is married?

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Via [Daily Mail, Esquire]

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