Get Christmas Spirit Back With NCM Holiday Greeting

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National Corvette Museum

The Good Folks at the National Corvette Museum Are Here to Put You Back in the Christmas Spirit.

Christmas is over. I get it, and I feel your pain. But just because the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a minute or two to appreciate fantastic holiday greetings, especially when they’re Corvette themed.

You have to love the people at the National Corvette Museum (NCM). Not only because they do such a great job of persevering Corvette history, but because they do fun things like the video below. A few employees, some half-decent camera/audio equipment, and a hell of a lot of creativity is all it takes. Former Corvette pace cars, old generations, new generations — it’s pretty much all you could ever want in a Corvette holiday video.

Please enjoy five minutes of sheer bliss as you watch the museum employees sing their way through the classic “12 Days of Christmas.” But of course, with a twist on the lyrics. Give it a watch, and you’ll be back in the Christmas/ Corvette spirit in no time. Who cares that Christmas was so two weeks ago, we miss it! Don’t you?

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