Get Your Corvette Ready for the Fall 2015 Texas Invitational

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The Fall 2015 Texas Invitational will be going down at a runway in the Dallas, Texas area October 2-4.

Forum vendor Speed Syndicate says, “The driving area is a straight line with a defined starting point, starting mechanism, finish line, and independent MPH speed trap displays. In the morning, drivers will have a chance to test and tune and speed index.” Those index numbers will be used to form the competition ladders for each racing class; the ladders will be run in an elimination format.

The TI’s three classes will be Rear Wheel Drive Challenge, 175mph Trap Attack, and King of the Street.

Competition at the TI will be tough. There are some bestial Lambos, Vipers, and GT-Rs out there, but we all know what Corvettes can do…

If you’re going to demonstrate to everyone what your car is capable of, read the TI’s rules, terms, and conditions first. Then, register and pay the required fees ($375.00 per driver and $45.00 per guest). If you don’t live in the Dallas area, be sure to book a hotel, too. (Helpful tip: The Hilton in Rockwall, Texas is near the place where the TI will be taking place.)

After that, prep your Corvette for the big weekend. Make sure your tires don’t rub and that your lines don’t leak fluid onto them. Speed Syndicate says, “It’s up to you to wear a fire suit, install a roll cage, fire extinguisher, engine diaper, HANS device, belly pan, drive shaft loops, and so on.” Police, fire, EMS, and cleanup crews will be on-site to help in the case of an emergency, though.

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