Get Your Corvette the Exhaust System It Deserves

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quad-bullet-vette-exhaust-2exhaust system

Regardless of people’s opinions, noise restriction laws, and even common sense, everyone deserves to hear what American freedom sounds like. How? Through your Corvette’s exhaust, of course.

As we all know, an exhaust system can make or break not just a Corvette, but pretty much any performance vehicle. The tune that comes out of the pipes has to play the right note and convey the right message, that’s why today is your lucky day! Our friends at B&B Billy Boat are having an exhaust system Tax Season Closeout Sale that you can’t afford to miss.

Whether your’e looking for a deep and burbly sound at idle, or a raucous scream at high RPM, choosing the right exhaust system is key.

Check out these three different videos below, featuring three different exhaust options, and let us know which one is your favorite!

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PRT Exhaust

Fusion Exhaust

Bullet Exhaust

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