Girlfriend Attempts to Eat Cereal in Boyfriend’s 600-hp Corvette

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Sometimes, bad ideas make for great viral videos.

Sometimes it’s fun to watch a disaster unfold. It’s been said that life is about the journey, not the destination. Maybe that’s why we, as a species, are so transfixed by those Worst Disasters programs on cable TV.

Knowing the outcome of a particular scenario doesn’t usually dissuade us from watching. Seeing the disaster unfold is the best part. Such is the case with this video from BigKleib34, in which a full bowl of cereal meets a 600-horsepower Corvette.


This is one of those situations where you’re thankful for leather seats and dark-colored carpet. The owner will likely be vacuuming up marshmallow shapes and sugary toasted oats for months. Even with the tarp covering most of the passenger compartment, anyone who has spent time with kids knows that stuff gets everywhere.

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As it turns out, most of the cereal and milk end up on the poor passenger, who seems to take it in stride. She makes several attempts, even bringing a jug of milk with her to pour. She laughs a lot, and seems to have a great attitude about the whole thing.

Although the driver’s girlfriend did not achieve her goal of eating an entire bowl of cereal in the car, she did get in several bites. In all fairness, the driver apparently offered to switch seats and attempt the challenge for himself. Unfortunately, his girlfriend had a prior knee injury that made driving the Corvette — with its heavy clutch — difficult.

Humorously enough, the owner of the Corvette, BigKleib34 himself, has sold the car, and waited until after the sale to upload the video.

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