Be Glad You Aren’t a Corvette C7 Fan Living in China

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If you think getting that new Corvette with all your desired features can be tough here in the States, just wait till you hear what C7 fans in China have to go through.

Since Corvettes aren’t officially sold there, Chinese buyers have to rely on the gray market, what’s described as a “misty” dealer-to-dealer network where Chinese dealers have to buy directly from American dealers, then ship the cars to China, according to


Now, I’m not exactly certain what “misty” means in this context, but something tells me it definitely doesn’t mean easy. Then again, with a cost of around 1.7 million yuan or $267,000 in US currency, the challenges of navigating that dealer-to-dealer network might be the least of your worries.

Apparently, the high cost for the C7 there is attributed to import taxes and what refers to as “smart entrepreneurship.” The good news for us, however, is that the car is held in high regard in China, being sold as a bona fide supercar next to others the likes of the Ferrari 599 GTO.

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