Glossy White Exterior on this C7 Corvette is Actually a Vinyl Wrap

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A vinyl wrap is a great way to alter the look of your car on the cheap, and it also works as a fantastic protectant for the factory paint underneath. The big issue with a wrap though is that you can usually tell the car has been wrapped. That subtle plastic sheen that lets the world know you have a layer of vinyl across your car can certainly be an eye-sore when compared to the radiant gloss of certain factory paints.

But what if you could have a gloss vinyl that looked exactly like paint? Corvette Forum member bradgto posted up some photos of his new C7 stingray in vinyl, and I can’t even tell it’s wrapped. Until I saw the shot of the door jamb where the wrap stops, I thought he might have been joking.


Vinyl wrap is very thin, won’t add much weight to your car, and for the cost of around $3k, it seems like this may be a perfect choice for a lot of new Corvette owners. Some other members have pointed out that the thinness of the film means it won’t protect the car as well as a traditional clear bra will, but I maintain that this is a far better option to just bare and open paint, especially when it looks as good as factory gloss in photos.

If you have questions about this great looking wrap job, or you want to chime in with your wrap experiences, head over to the thread and shout out. We would all love to hear from you.

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