GM to Bring Ads and Coupons to RemoteLink App

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Hey there Corvette owners, GM wants to make your life better and more connected, thanks to a new program they are calling AtYourService. In GM’s words, AtYourService is “a multichannel platform providing customers with merchant and retailer offers” that will allow “users to save money and discover value.” If you need help reading between the lines, that means that GM is basically going to be flooding your OnStar RemoteLink app with advertisements.


Now, I have no idea what in the hell is going through the heads of the brass at GM. It is hard enough to escape the constant onslaught of advertisements in this world. The last thing I want to deal with is a freaking pop-up ad for Applebee’s while I am trying to make sure I locked my car doors when I parked today.

According to GM, there is massive demand for “mobile couponing” and they want to integrate that much wanted functionality into their apps and services. Well GM, the only thing this program makes me want to do is set a Corvette on fire and drive it straight into your corporate offices.

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