GM CEO Set to Take Delivery of New Corvette Z06

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What kind of car do you order if you’re the head of General Motors? A brand new Corvette Z06, of course.

That’s exactly what’s being shipped to Mary Barra, the CEO of GM, according to a recent CarScops report. Barra’s Z06 is a black convertible model equipped with the Z07 Performance Package and the new 8-speed automatic transmission.

It appears that the CEO’s new Z06 also features the Stage 1 aerodynamics package, judging from the rear spoiler. And I have to say, I probably would’ve picked the same exact car myself, color and all, if I were lucky enough to be sitting in her shoes right now. I’m just a sucker for the C7 in black with black wheels.

The photos were apparently taken by a plant worker at the Bowling Green Assembly plant when the car was being assembled, which I imagine had to be a source of pride for the plant’s UAW Local 2164.

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via [CarScoops]

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