GM Files New Trademark Applications for LT5 and LTX Engine Variants

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Here’s some good news for C7 ZR-1 conspiracy theorists. GM has officially filed trademark paperwork for the LT5 and LTX engine designations. As you would guess, the new LT5 is believed to be the successor to the LS9 found in the C6 ZR-1. It’s also a nod to the LT5 in the original C4 ZR-1. Rumors also indicate that the engine will have nearly 750 horsepower. That would easily eclipse the Hellcat’s output and potentially allow Chevrolet to lay claim to the most powerful domestic production car ever made.

The actual trademark application suggests that the new LT series would be a versatile platform, indicating use in automobiles, trucks, sport utility vehicles, and vans. It’s doubtful the new LT would find its way into an SUV given Chevrolet’s current lineup. It’s also a stretch of the imagination to picture it in a truck like the Silverado or a van, for that matter. The big rumor that we’re following – which does have some merit – is that the LT5 will eventually wind up in the C8 Corvette.

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