GM Is Going Fully Electric. Where Does that Leave Corvette?

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Electric powerplant for a Corvette.

Is a Corvette EV coming down the pike, or will you fight tooth-and-nail for gasoline-fed V8s?

Earlier this week, General Motors committed to an all-electric future, as reported by Wired. They’ve already got the good Bolt EV and the stellar Volt hybrid, and are introducing two more electric cars next year. Beyond that, they’ve announced “at least 18 more” by 2023.

C7 Corvette Stingray in Electric Green

Across its full line, GM sells dozens of different models, from urban compacts to massive trucks to iconic sports cars. In all, that amounts to 10 million vehicles sold in the last year alone. It’s ambitious to think that they could replace 10 million gasoline engines every year with electric cars, but if any company can make it happen, it’s the General.

“General Motors believes the future is all-electric,” says Mark Reuss, the company’s product head. “We are far along in our plan to lead the way to that future world.”

If GM is moving in this direction, it likely won’t be long before we see a hybrid Corvette at the very least. But don’t fret too much; performance hybrids have proven to be quite good in recent years. And a high-horsepower Corvette could seriously benefit from the addition of some instant electric motor torque. We’ve already seen hints of a mid-engined Corvette. Would it really be so bad if it had a few electric ponies under the decklid, too?


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In the past, Corvette fans have been accused of a collective reluctance to change. Is now the time to embrace the future in order to keep our beloved nameplate alive and well? Even if we do eventually lose the gasoline V8 in favor of a ridiculously quick electric motor, isn’t an electric ‘Vette better than no ‘Vette at all? Weigh in with your thoughts on the forum, we want to hear what you have to say.

Bradley Brownell is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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