New Camoed C7 Sighting Sparks Talk of a Grand Sport in the Works

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A camouflaged Corvette Stingray spotted outside of Oklahoma City is fueling some speculation that a new Grand Sport model could be in the works.

The rumors, sparked by a GM Authority report, stem from photos published by LSXTV of a Corvette test mule captured by a fan of the magazine that focuses on late model GM cars.


The car features the same round LED taillights seen on test Corvettes spotted last year with a gang of testing equipment packed in the back, visible through the glass.  According to the LSXTV fan, the camoed Corvette was being transported on a trailer with a few other GM vehicles.

“When I first saw it, I was really hoping it was a Z06 in test camo,” said LSXTV fan Michael Morris. “When I got closer I noticed the bodywork looked too narrow to be that.”


GM hasn’t indicated they are producing a new Grand Sport C7, but the fact that the idea is being insinuated by a news source that follows the company so closely makes you wonder if GM Authority has an inside scoop.  Given the success of the new Corvette, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if GM has a few more tricks up its sleeve to build on the new Stingray’s momentum.

We’ll be keeping a close watch for any new information on this one.

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