GM Offers Corvette C7 Z06’s LT4 as Crate Engine

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We’ll give General Motors one thing – the company is still sticking behind the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 that powers the Corvette C7 Z06.

Even amid the issues that have haunted the 650-horsepower LT4, GM is now making it available as a crate engine for those interested in adding a bit of the Z06 magic into some other cars, as highlighted in a GT Spirit report.

My guess is that there will be plenty of takers, especially from those looking to get even more output from the engine, which has set off a power war of sorts among Corvette enthusiasts.

Heating issues aside, GM’s 6.2-liter LT4 still garners a lot of respect in performance circles. At a price of $15,625, and considering its overall performance rating, there’s a compelling case for buying the crate engine and making any necessary tweaks.

After all, I find it hard to believe that a few stories of the Z06 overheating on the track is going to be the final word on this engine.

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Via [GT Spirit]

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