GM Seeks Patent for New Active Aero System

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Technology Could Hint at What to Expect on Mid-Engine Corvette

While we certainly like the advances being made with in-vehicle technology when it comes to areas like infotainment, it’s this kind of progress that we tend to appreciate most here at Corvette Forum.

According to a Motor 1 report, General Motors has applied for an Active Aero Tech patent. It’s unclear whether the patent is being sought solely for the Corvette, but the American sports car certainly seems like the most suitable fit for the technology.

That would explain why the images or diagrams illustrating the different dynamics of the patent are centered on a ‘Vette.

What Does it All Mean?

Well, in a nutshell, it gives designers and engineers more flexibility when taking into account how airflow can be used to enhance a vehicle’s performance. More specifically, the system enables a company like Chevy to electronically link performance tweaks. Altering aerodynamics and suspension ride height while the car is in motion would significantly improve the handling capabilities of a car like the Corvette.

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As detailed in the report, the active aero element could be for anything from an adjustable spoiler to the shutter. Even more impressive, the technology — which could be included on an air dam, splitter and diffuser — might be applied to either the front or rear of a car like the Corvette.

According to the GM patent, the system would use either lasers or ultrasonic sensors on the suspension for monitoring ride height from fixed points on the car. This sounds to us like Chevy might be cooking up some hot, new tech feature to debut on the new mid-engine model. Of course, a front-engine layout like the C7’s certainly would benefit from the technology as well.

For more details on the new aero system, click here to read the full Motor 1 report.

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