GM’s Compassion for Corvette Owner Highlights Spirit of Nameplate

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Here’s another good reason why passion for Corvette runs so deep. Sure, a lot of the love for the nameplate is tied to the car itself, but a substantial amount of what makes Corvette special goes far beyond the sheet metal. And General Motors has played a major role in helping to keep the car rooted in that appeal.

The story of Detroiter George Talley and his ’79 Corvette is a shining example of that passion at work, as highlighted in a WXYZ Detroit news report.

In case you forgot, GM helped return Talley’s stolen ‘Vette when it was located last year in Mississippi after going missing 33-years ago, as we covered here previously.

Now, the good folks at GM are stepping up to help refurbish Talley’s car in hopes of getting it ready for this year’s Woodard Dream Cruise.

“Ever since this happened from the first phone call last year, GM has been wonderful. I can’t thank them enough,” Tally told the local ABC affiliate.

That my, friends is a shining example of what the Corvette family is all about.

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via [WXYZ News]

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