Gorgeous C2 Corvette Combines Class with Brute Force

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C2 Corvette

Somebody spent a lot of time ensuring this C2 Corvette looks mostly stock. But it most certainly is not!

Feast your eyes on this beautifully done Glen Green C2 Corvette, and you’re bound to think it’s a stocker. Because, well, it certainly looks that way. The beautiful paint job covers a flawless body, complete with era-specific components like spinner wheels and side pipes. Not much here to make you think that it’s anything other than a super sanitary ride guaranteed to impress anyone who gazes upon its beauty. But that’s not where this story ends, of course.

C2 Corvette

Naturally, it was looks that first attracted us to this C2 Corvette while perusing listings over at Barrett-Jackson. But as much of a looker as this 1965 ‘Vette is, what’s lurking under the hood makes it truly interesting. And that is a freshly built 396 with Dart heads and a host of tasty internals. The modernized big block now pumps out an impressive 475 horsepower, more than enough to blow away a stocker from this era.

Of course, you’d be hard pressed to tell what’s going on here unless you know what to look for. The engine bay doesn’t look like something out of a race car, just sporting some chrome and an MSD ignition. Headers are somewhat of a giveaway, but nothing unusual by any means. And like the rest of the car, the white interior is beautiful and original in appearance. Just don’t let anybody bring along their big jug of morning coffee when they hop in the passenger seat.

C2 Corvette

With $50k invested in the restoration and a mere 3,000 miles accumulated since, this gorgeous green C2 Corvette is just begging to be driven. We’d be more than happy to give it a few test runs and bang through the Muncie 4-speed, for science of course. And you can bet that not too many bystanders would know what hit them!

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