Got the Corvette Blues? Show Up to Carlisle and Show Them Off

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carlisle-blue-vette.jpgThe Corvette has been produced since 1953. Over the course of its seven decade production, 34 total shades of blue have been produced.

It started in ’54 with Pennant Blue and has evolved through the years to Carlisle Blue (see above), a color named in honor of Corvettes at Carlisle and the 30th anniversary of the event.

This year, Carlisle wants to line the grounds with EVERY shade of blue ever issued by Corvette. If you own a blue Corvette, you’ll want to be part of this year’s event. Click here for a full array of official blue colors.

Blue Corvettes will create a history time line showcasing both the brand
and color on site. Also, your car and the other blues could be
prominently featured in the ever popular Corvette Parade in downtown
Carlisle. To be part of the parade, an additional $30 fee is required.

blue cars will be accepted on a first-come/first-served basis. You will
also get FREE Fun Field access as part of the display.

Jodi Morrison directly for historical blue registrants ONLY. Call
717-243-7855 ext. 113 or click the send her e-mail link at
[email protected]/.

Scroll Below To Check Out Some Famous Blue Vettes, Courtesy of Forum member [email protected]

Silver Blue from ’82
silver-blue.jpgTrophy Blue from ’66
vf_1966TrophyBlue6.jpgLight Blue Metallic ’85vf_Corvette4.jpg

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