Grandma Takes Wheel of 841-Horsepower Corvette

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You’ll Never Guess What Happens When Grandma Rolls Into a ProCharged C7

Never underestimate the power of a grandmother – especially when she’s driving an 841-horsepower Corvette equipped with a manual transmission.

Then again, if you have a grandson like YouTuber Cleetus McFarland, you’ve probably been anticipating this entire thing for quite some time. Perhaps gearing up to put the hammer down as soon as the opportunity availed itself.

See, Cleetus has a thing for coming up with some pretty out-of-the-box videos. Most of them star his F1-A Pro-Charged C7 Corvette, as highlighted in an AutoEvolution report. In fact, there’s also a clip where Cleetus’s girlfriend learns to drive a stick in the badass Corvette.

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But Cleetus’ grandmother seemed a lot more eager to take the modded C7 through the paces, as you can see below. The five-minute clip shows Grandma doing everything from a 118-mph pull to cranking out a burnout.

It’s a pretty impressive showing, especially considering that most folks would probably have a hard time handling such a high-powered Corvette in normal driving situations.

Cleetus’ grandmother did, however, need some extra seat padding, provided in the form of a few pillow upgrades. Still, from the looks of it, she’d give plenty of youngsters a run for their money on the track.

Via [AutoEvolutionCleetus McFarland]

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