Grandmas Love Horsepower, Too

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My Grandmother was an important piece of my life for many years. Despite her age she never acted a day over 20, constantly had this unquenchable fire inside of her soul, and she refused to live a life she didn’t want. Sadly, her love for life and its various pleasures had left her body riddled with cancer. As she was nearing the end, we started going through old photo albums to look for images to convert to digital. It was there that I stumbled across a photo of a yellow 1972 Mach 1. It was hers.

I decided that what I wanted to do for her before she passed was find a similar car to give her one last ride. I wanted her to experience that special kind of pleasure that comes from a classic American muscle car. Sadly, I never got that chance. Two years ago on the first day of spring, my grandmother succumbed to the cancer eating her body.

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That may seem like a long and odd story for a Corvette website, but I wanted to share it with you, along with a thread from Adoggy Phizzle in the C7 forum. Adoggy shared a story about giving a ride to a wonderful 83 year old woman. He even let her drive.

I guess I just want everyone to stop and remember that we are all people, regardless of age, and people who love cars will always love cars. If you ever hear that someone you know would really love a ride in your car, do me a favor and take them for a quick spin.

You might not have a chance later.

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