Corvette Wars: Headers-Only C7 Battles Cammed C6 Z06

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Corvette battle

Here’s an interesting battle to watch – a cammed C6 Z06 versus a lightly modified and CSP tuned C7.

Go ahead, see if you can call the winner in this drag race before watching the video. But be forewarned, it probably turns out to be a lot closer than you expect.

That said, I did luck up on this one and predict the winner prior to watching the two minute clip, posted by BigKleib34. Still, with a time difference of about .6 seconds in the run, give or take a few driver errors at the start, and this race could have gone a number of different ways coming down to the wire.

I will say, however, that rumble on the C6 at the starting line is probably a dead giveaway if you’re looking for any hints on the turnout. Well, I guess I pretty much gave this one away, but it’s still well-worth a watch.

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via [BigKleib34]

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