Hagerty Presents C4 Corvette Buyer’s Guide

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As you can see in the video below, Hagerty has put together a quick overview on the C4 — and when I say quick, I mean it. Because the ZR1 and other high performance models were special in their own right, Stephan Lombard of Hagerty Classic Cars focuses on the more popular models during the C4’s production run. Some of what he covers is rudimentary to simply buying a car (such as checking that everything works), but he does touch on some of the ignition problems that plagued specific engines and years.

If I had any advice for buying a C4, I’d say the cleaner the better. Good examples are still relatively inexpensive, especially when it comes to performance per dollar. If you’re interested in a fixer-upper, there are countless Corvette Forum threads that document buying a C4 on the cheap (but that’s the only time it’ll stay “cheap”).

Although the C5 is at the low end of its price swing, and C6s are now becoming very attainable, the C4 shouldn’t be ignored just because of its age or its quirks. Any of the engines fitted still enjoy a fairly large aftermarket support, and you can get yourself into a reliable, fun, and well-sorted Corvette for less than the price of a new Fiat 500.

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