A Hailstorm Is a Perfectly Good Excuse to Buy a Corvette

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The Corvette’s secret weapon against a hailstorm is hidden in plain sight.

Alright, so we know Corvette body panels are made from sheet-molded composite, or essentially plastic, but lest we forget the advantages of using such a material. This video from Colorado reminds us why the Corvette doesn’t draw the short stick in a hailstorm.


Watch with caution, as the video is a bit cringe-worthy, and you’ll feel for the driver’s helplessness. Driving along on an interstate, he has no choice but to let his car take a beating from the relentless hail, even as more and more cracks start to form on the windshield. Hail actually falls at such a rate that it accumulates on the road, and nearly forces everyone to a stop.

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This is where the Corvette has its advantage. The white C6 seen here went through a hailstorm that created “baseball to softball size hail.” Judging by the windshield, we have no reason to doubt that statement. However, apart from two punctures behind the headlights, the owner states “you could not tell the panels had been hit by large hail.”

We know there’s nothing you can do about glass in a hailstorm, but in the event you wanted to save yourself from your car looking like a golf ball, a Corvette makes a very sensible choice.

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