Hate the Player, Not the Game: Corvette Z06 Crashes Leaving Car Meet

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There’s a fun game that everybody is required to play while at a car meet, regardless of whether they want to sign up. It’s called, “Be cool mother****er and chill the **** out.” Some people are not good at this game. It’s like playing the silent game with little kids. The loudest, most obnoxious ones always lose because they are so in love with themselves and just have to be heard.

This is how I see people who crash while leaving car meets. They think their cars are SO special and SO cool that they just can’t help but give the people what they want, so they rev hard or do burnouts upon exiting.

The owner of this Z06 is the most recent to fall victim. Leaving a car show in Arizona, the extremely powerful Corvette does a burnout, speeds down the street, loses control, and hits a tree so hard that the bumper stuck to it.

Thankfully, the driver came out of the crash without any serious injuries. Hopefully he learned a very expensive lesson.

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via [Jalopnik]

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