HCI-Swapped C6 Puts Down the Power

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Sometimes a Little Tweaking Goes an Incredibly Long Way

The C6 Z06 Corvette came out of the box as a track-ready monster. First introduced in 2006, the car redefined performance for the Chevrolet brand, and really upped the game in terms of what a Corvette is┬ácapable of. 505 loud-and-proud horses push the ‘Vette from zero-to-60 in around four seconds, and to a damn-quick quarter mile, too. It’s fast — really, really fast.

HCI Swapped C6 Corvette

The car’s 7.0-liter LS7 is a true rockstar — a genuine 427-cubic-inch small block that puts the power down with ease. But to make the Z06 even more┬ácapable on the track, an HCI swap should do the trick. Swap out and enhance the headers, camshaft, and intake, and power figures will rise without a sweat. Oh, and add a little nitrous, just to make sure all of the go-fast boxes are ticked.

This is the recipe followed by the Corvette in one of BigKleib34‘s latest videos, shown above. The performance upgrades clearly do some good too, as the Z06 pulls mid-10s for the most part, without issue. Check it out, and listen to the LS7’s sweet melody all the way down the strip.

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