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As car guys and girls, the questions we get all the time are, “Is this the right car for me?” and “Can you help me find a car?” Everyone who likes cars has been asked this question before. Even if you don’t really know anything about them except that you love them, you’ve been asked that. It usually ends with the person doing whatever they want and completely ignoring the advice you gave them.

Prime examples are my uncle and my brother in-law who both decided that the picks I gave them were useless and went with terrible cars that will break down very soon. However, the opposite is true when you are dealing with other car people. They tend to take advice much better, and that’s exactly what we aim to with this post here.

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One of our forum members Shanezam203, is looking for their next ride. They’re looking at this particular C6 Corvette shown here. However, Shanezam203’s unsure of the pricing of this model. The dealer originally wanted $32,800 but after a bit of negotiating, came down to $31,000 even. Not a bad price, but still not really in the ballpark of how much this should be going for.

Used C6 Corvette’s with the same type of mileage go for about $4-5,000 cheaper. Now, Shanezam203, you live in my home state of Illinois, and as such, I feel a certain affinity to you. That said, I’ve dealt with Perillo before, and in my experience, it wasn’t that great.


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A few months ago I went down to look at a used Mercedes C63 that Perillo had. CarFax was clean, and it looked pretty good. Then I stepped into it and started noticing a few things that weren’t exactly stock in a C63. The salesman insisted that it was all on the up and up. They did not know what I do for a living. Then I drove it and it was the biggest pile of crap ever.

Now I’m not saying you should just stop and run. If you like the car, and don’t feel like haggling anymore, then buy it. But before you do, take it to a reputable mechanic that you personally know and have the entire car inspected. Do not fall into a trap. If anyone else knows of any other C6 Corvette’s around in Illinois, sound off in the comments below and help Shanezam203 find a new car.

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