Hemi-Powered Corvettes are Kind of a Thing

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If the ’61 Corvette above looks a little odd, it’s because it should. I mean, how often do you come across a Corvette with a 426 Hemi?

Well, now that I think it about it, we did come across a similarly set-up ‘Vette on a ’69 with a 392 Hemi that was featured in a SuperChevy.com report back in 2010 (pictured below).


So I guess as wild as the concept is, it isn’t necessarily all that groundbreaking. But since it’s kind of a thing, apparently, maybe it’s time to come up with some clever name for it…

Nope. It hasn’t come to me yet, but give me some time.

The ’61 was posted in a Corvette Forum thread here by Member LeadKing, saying that it’s a friend’s car that he’s hoping to track down. It certainly seems to have struck a chord with other forum members.

Mako6  says, “TOTALLY Love it… I’m partial to home builds, especially one from my neck of the woods..
Looks like a straight axle as well. COOL….!!”

“I’ve had daydreams about such a thing! I’m going to put a 540 in mine, but a hemi would be better,” added Senior Forum Member Pop Chevy.

6T5RUSH also praised the set-up  and shared another mash-up: “…Luv it! I’m a MOPAR lover from way back. Was at downtown Mt. Clemens 5 years ago and parked next to this ’54 that I thought looked a little different. Check it out…389 TRI-power Pontiac stuffed in there.”



Hmmm….maybe that clever word I’m looking for is simply, “unique.” What would you call it?

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