Hennessey Planning Something Nuts With Corvette Z06

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The new Corvette Z06 is a hell of a car. It’s lightning quick. It has phenomenal on track performance. And it is about as good of a Corvette as you can make without drastically changing the car’s architecture. It’s so good and it performs so well, that Chevy has sort of designed themselves into a corner. Which is why the rumors of the mid-engine Corvette have once again resurfaced.

Yet all these words, all that performance, everything those Chevy engineers took to make the new Corvette Z06 the best Corvette ever, they all mean nothing to John Hennessey. If it doesn’t have at least 700 horsepower, the man is not happy. That’s why, when the new Corvette Z06 came out, Hennessey was one of the first in line to get one.

Right now the car is in development at Hennessey Performance, but that didn’t stop them from updating the world on the car’s status so far. And from what we can see — and hear — in the video below, the Hennessey Performance Corvette Z06 is going to be absolutely mind melting.

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