Here’s a Boat Load of Black C3 Corvettes Because Black C3 Corvettes Rule

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The C3 Chevrolet Corvette is, in my not-at-all-important opinion, one of the most sensual designs in automotive history. I could barely sit so close to this desk as I sifted through photos of this car. The motion-forward pointed nose, the humptastic body, double-light popups, the muscular hood, the propensity for side pipes, the gills, it’s all so great.

So, when we came across this thread focusing on black C3s over on the forum, we wanted to highlight some of them. Who said the week shouldn’t be filled with lust? It’ll be a nice primer for the weekend.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

[Via John AF, Quil, Ray Y, Texas Baehr, Eddie 70, 68ragtop69, Patrick Ginnaty, C3 4ME, Dose11, VetteBuyer6369, RRedman, c3bdj1, Zoix, Hadez, RaptorTest, JHandley, Tecumseh, minitech, cvm, sunstroked via this wonderful thread]

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