#TBT: Celebrating the Corvette Stingray’s Legacy

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DW Corvette

There’s nothing like a great piece of Corvette history to remind you of why the legacy of the sports car has stayed intact for so many years.

In honor of Throwback Thursdays, we dug up a Deutsche Welle (DW) video highlighting some of the history of the Corvette Stingray, which speaks volumes about the 60 year-plus legacy of the American icon.

With a uniquely vintage voice, just hearing the video’s announcer ramble off the history of the Corvette calls to mind something fit for a royal court. Especially when he tells you the car was built as a competitor to established sports car makers like Jaguar and Maserati.

The six-minute clip, from DW’s “Drive It” series, is packed with interesting tidbits about the Stingray, which I’m betting a few here at Corvette Forum have probably forgotten.

My favorite line from the clip? “The shape, character and image of this automotive legend were American through and through.”

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Via [Deutsche Welle]

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