C6 Corvette Gets a “Regular Car Review”

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Typically, I’d never associate a review for a Corvette with a stand-up routine at a comedy club. Yet, that’s the first thing that comes to mind in this 2008 Corvette review recently posted on YouTube by the guys from Regular Car Reviews.

That’s right, a 2008 ‘Vette, which really isn’t all that unusual, except in this case the review is delivered with a rather raw comedic flair as a parody. In fact, at times it’s hard to take the thing serious, but it’s pretty entertaining to say the least and still very informative.

Take for example the quote where the reviewer is comparing the C6 to the previous-generation Corvette.

“It’s no longer the breakfast at Tiffany’s, top-40 up-marketed, Super Soaker plastic, bingo wheel head-lighted, Gran Turismo-starring car for Subway franchise owners that the C5 was.”

There’s a lot more packed in the nearly five-minute video. However, be warned, the twist on words in this review can get a little raunchy at points.

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