Here’s a Las Vegas Pitch that’s Hard to Pass On

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I never pay much attention to those people standing around offering promotional stuff in Las Vegas even though they’re pretty hard to ignore. Everywhere you turn, it seems like someone is trying to sell you some kind of timeshare or vacation package that they claim you just can’t pass up.

I usually politely tell them, “No, I’m not interested,” but this one certainly grabbed my attention.

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What Corvette enthusiast wouldn’t be interested in a display that says, “Win two Corvettes or $125,000 in Cash”? The chance to land one C7 for free is worth at least five or 10 minutes away from the slot machines, but an opportunity to win two Stingrays is worth at least 20 minutes at one of those dreaded sales booths.

Still, if I were to win, I think I might take the cash instead and spend the money on the new Z06 and a decent pickup to haul it around to some of the best tracks in the country.

For me, that promo would be a chance to live out one hell of a dream.

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