$54K Video Game Sure Makes the C7 Corvette Seem Practical

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The next time someone questions whether buying a Corvette is practical, feel free to share with them this line: “There’s a car-driving video game that costs as much as a C7, so I guess practicality is really a state of mind.”

That certainly sums up my take on it, after reading a Wired.com report about a $54,000 racing game where you just sit in place and act like you’re driving a sports car.

The game, called the Motion Pro II, is made by CXC Simulations and comes with three 55-inch HD screens, a built-in surround sound system, and a motion system that tosses you around to give you the feeling that you’re driving on a track. Oh, and for that low, low price, you also get pedals and a steering wheel.

Now, I’ve never been a big gamer, but it’s hard to imagine why anyone would pay $54,000 to sit in their house pretending to drive a car like the C7 when they could just get a C7 for roughly the same price.

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via [Wired.com]

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