A Do-It-Yourself Cautionary Tale

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When it comes to modifying your Corvette, taking the do-it-yourself approach can be a very satisfying way of getting things done. But it may not be for everyone. Sure, you might think you’re saving a few dollars, but at what cost? If you’re doing it wrong yourself, you could be in for a big bill.

Take this thread, started by Corvette Forum member Supersonic 427, for example. Supersonic goes to the forum seeking advice, but only AFTER trying to install Z51 anti-sway bars on a base C7 and realizing something’s amiss. It is a vivid reminder of why some things might be better left up to the experts, or, at the bare minimum, why you should seek the advice of someone who has traveled down the same road BEFORE embarking on a DIY project.

That said, Supersonic 427 should be commended for posting his problem on Corvette Forum, though he probably should have done so before taking his baby for a very slow test drive around the block. Fortunately, aside from some minimal cosmetic damage, with the help of fellow-forum members who have been there and done that, Supersonic 427’s C7 is driving better than ever.

As you can see from the thread, aside from talking to someone directly at Chevrolet, the forum is the best place to start when it comes to sorting through an issue with your Corvette…even if you do happen to bring it on yourself.

Or as member alienranch says:

Another reason I love great forums such as this.

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