Hey, Dealer, Leave My ‘Vette Alone!

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Can you imagine someone spray-painting their name on a beautiful piece of art? Why in the name of all that’s glorious would you ever desecrate something so pristine? It’s the same thing with dealer stickers, isn’t it? Perhaps not on all cars, like it probably makes no difference on a Focus or a Prius or any other -us, but certainly on something so magnificent as a Corvette.

Please, dealers, have a little respect for the design team. Do you know how many hours they spent drawing, molding, computer-ing and all that other stuff that goes into making the Corvette the most perfect automobile in this fine country?


Don’t you think they would have set aside a nice little space for your badge if they thought your dealership played an integral part in the process? Did you help design the thing of beauty, Mr. Dealer? Did you help make the car go crazy fast?

Did you make it easier for me to get the ‘Vette in my hot little hands or did you have to go back to your manager in the back 37 times to get me the price I was quoted over the phone?


Sorry, I know there are dealers out there who make our lives a lot easier, or at least I’ve been told there are, but no dealer has the right to pin their name on my fine looking automobile. Not once she’s mine. At that point, she’s mine. Not yours. Mine, mine, mine! And I don’t want your stupid name on my hot car.

Sorry. That was a bit of a rant. But I bring this up because one of our Corvette Forum members, sprk33, posted pics of his insanely hot gray on black Z51 3LT, complete with one of the least hot stickers ever.

Yep, a dealer sticker.

Well, that caused quite a ruckus in the forum, I’ll tell you that much. And I think deservedly so. But somehow others — ahem, I’m looking at you, sjohnson2615, and your trolling “panties in a bunch” comment — think it’s no big deal. Perhaps he’d like to go write his username on the David?

Well, one thing no one can argue with is how much better sprk33’s new ride looks sans dealer sticker, which he promptly removed, allowing us to enjoy aesthetic perfection in all her glory.


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