Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife From This C7 Corvette!

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This next one brings to mind that classic YouTube hit “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife.” Perhaps that’s what Chuck Ulsch, the owner of this massively powerful and evil looking C7 Corvette drag-racer plays on his sound system as he arrives at the drag strip.

Although we’re not told what kind of ridiculous horsepower figures this C7 produces, one can deduce from the video below that it’s at least in the 1,200-plus range, just by judging the massive blower that dominates the entire body. A forum tip tells us it’s even closer to the 3500 hp range! And a stock Corvette Z06 already packs 650 horses.

Once this evil Stingray’s tires are nice and warm, it doesn’t even break a sweat covering the eighth-mile in just 4.2 seconds at speeds exceeding 175 mph. Even so, he’s not unbeatable, though those losses are by mere tenths of a second.

In the expensive game that is motorsports, how much more money in parts and development do you think it’ll take to shave off those precious tenths?

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