Hitting a Raccoon at Speed Is Not Good for Your C7

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Corvette Forum would like to remind users that they should only feed their Corvettes the finest of high-octane fuel, and avoid fresh meat at all times.

Very few things will make our butts pucker like the shine of animal eyes in the middle road during a spirited night drive. With a car as low as the Corvette, with those big gaping grilles, even a small rabbit is likely to cause some serious damage. Turns out, however, that the breakable nature of that front grille could potentially save a critter’s life.

A fresh C7 owner named Kevin Reynolds posted pictures of his car on Facebook after he hit a raccoon one night. With less than 1000 miles on the car, it must have been heartbreaking. But low and behold when Kevin stepped out of the car, the raccoon was just sitting there, looking back at him. The damage to the car was bad enough that Reynolds needed to have the car towed away, but it is still nice to know the raccoon lived.

A quick call to insurance, some time in a body shop and the Corvette will be good as new. And there won’t be any need to clean out any “bits” from the radiators. We can’t imagine how that might have smelled in 3 months if the cleanup wasn’t through enough.

We obviously can’t say for certain that the nose of the C7 was designed with crumple zones for animal impact, and we certainly don’t advise plowing into woodland creatures to test it, but it makes us feel better to know that not every impact with local fauna will be fatal.

So…. my whole day was going great, had a great motorcycle ride this morning and caught a good movie and dinner…

Posted by Kevin L. Reynolds on Sunday, January 21, 2018

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