Watch This Formula Drift Superstar Thrash His Corvette Z06

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Alec Hohnadell had a set of 335-mm rear tires to burn, so his buds at Hoonigan facilitated a parking lot.

You may have heard of Formula Drift driver Alec Hohnadell before. Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably seen his Formula Drift Championship car: A supercharged Formula D Nissan Silvia S14, the textbook definition of a drift car. But Hohnadell isn’t fussing with his race car here. Instead, it’s his daily driver, a C7 Corvette Z06 with 650 horsepower. Which, if you think about it, could easily be a race car.

Alec Hohnadell' tire-roasting Corvette Z06.

This video, recently uploaded to YouTube by TheHoonigans, features Hohnadell and his Z06. But it really stars a set of worn out 335 rear tires. If you’re wondering what they plan on doing with them, then you’re probably not up to speed on all things Hoonigan.

The Chief Hoonigan, Ken Block, is perhaps the most popular drifter in the world. He’s known for his insane Gymkhana videos and no-mercy attitude toward tires. With that out of the way, are you still wondering what’s going to happen to that rubber?

The video starts with the gorgeous Z06 up on jack stands as it’s fitted with the necessary bits for what’s about to happen. As soon as the ‘Vette is lowered back onto the ground, the boys head to the parking lot to get the show started. Oh, and did we mention that Hohnadell’s Z06 rocks a six-speed manual transmission?


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After Hohnadell claim’s that his baby is a “big girl,” he drops the clutch and lets her light up the rears without remorse. The remaining two minutes of the video are all about… well, you’ll have to watch and find out.

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