Holden Truck Turned C3 Corvette Heats Up New ‘Mad Max’ Movie

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Mad Max Buggy#9

This past weekend, Mad Max: Fury Road roared into theaters, offering moviegoers what could be one of the wildest car-themed movies to open in decades.

Most car buffs thought it would be impossible to top the first spin on the Australian adventure flick released back in 1979, but it appears that the producers have pulled it off, thanks to a line-up of even wilder vehicles tackling some unbelievable stunts.

According to Corvette Blogger, Mad Max: Fury Road features 130 vehicles total, which I can only imagine has to be some kind of world record for a movie.

Still, the car roaring through the dystopian wasteland that has been getting the most buzz here at Corvette Forum is Buggy#9, a C3 Corvette fiberglass body planted on top of the chassis of a one ton Holden Truck.

The menacing looking custom Corvette, built by a Sydney-based company called Custom Performance Modification, is bizarre to say the least.

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via [Corvette Blogger]

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