Hollywood Icon’s Personality Driven by Her Pink C7 Corvette

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I’ll give one thing to thing to Angelyne, the longstanding Los Angeles icon: she certainly keeps her pink C7 Corvette at the forefront of any spotlight that should happen to shine her way.

A bit of a legend in Hollywood, the woman first gained fame by plastering giant billboards of herself all around town. And she has made the Corvette a major part of her personality.


A recent art exhibit in L.A. centered on the Hollywood diva, and included a raffle where someone could win a ride with Angelyne in her ‘Vette. Depending on your perspective, even the loser of the raffle came out a winner by getting the opportunity to wash Angelyne’s car.

So, what’s the draw? Well, the comment shared below by one of Angelyne’s loyal followers might provide some insight.

“She’s the woman I thought I’d grow up to be,” 27-year-old Maggie Milstein told LA Weekly. “I thought I’d have a pink Corvette and the hair, everything.”

There you have it.

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Via [LA Weekly]

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