Homemade C3 Corvette Hatchback Is One Interesting Find

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C3 Corvette

We speculate on how this C3 Corvette went from coupe to hatchback.

If the sight of this abandoned and forgotten C3 Corvette strikes you as a little strange, we won’t blame you. Because we felt the same way when we spotted it over on Barn Finds. After all, Chevy didn’t build a hatchback-equipped C3 Corvette until 1982, and this appears to be a mid-70s model. So after a reader sent in this photo of the car, which he spotted near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, it leaves us with a lot of questions.

For starters, this thing actually looks pretty decent. It certainly isn’t some kind of hack job, like many such conversions. And unsurprisingly, this simple photo leads to a load of speculation in the reader’s comments section. So we perused them and attempted to get some answers. The first, and most popular theory, comes from reader J Paul. “Just guessing here, but that looks to be a Chevy Monza hatch with the metal bottom section shortened.”

Chevy Monza

But reader Rustowner also points out that it could be a popular kit offered during this time period as well. “Looks like an Eckler’s Hatchback kit. Some had the cap in the hatch and some had them in the rear fascia. Personally, I like the look of these compared to the stock back window, plus it make the car more versatile. Cool find and a shame to see it sitting.”

And amazingly enough, this car looks very familiar to Jim Bradshaw, for good reason. “OMG, this could be my old car!!! In ’78 I bought a wreck and put on an Eckler’s hatch kit and yes, it was a Monza rear glass. I sold it to a friend in Texas and was asked if I wanted it back before he sold it to a moving van driver in Tennessee. When I had it painted it was in the two tone style of the ’78. It had a tan bottom and white top. Found an old pic. Wow. I’m sad!!!”

C3 Corvette

Both of which seem like equally feasible theories. So we want to know, how do you think this hatchback C3 Corvette came to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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