Hooniverse Finds Most Amazing Corvette Owner Ever

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You may be cool in your Corvette, but you will never be as cool as the guy in this photo posted on Hooniverse. In what appears to be the most American thing that exists short of a bald eagle firing a machine gun, a gentleman in a late model C3 comes rolling up with no hood on his car, black flames painted down the sides, and according to the photo caption, blaring heavy metal music.

To top it all off, this gentleman may very well be a veteran, as he is missing a leg. The caption ups the awesome factor with the line “I like to think you roundhouse kicked a terrorist in Iraq so hard your leg was severed from your body.” While that story is pretty amazing, I’m going to say he was wounded in a massive battle where he was teamed up with Chuck Norris to save an orphanage from a terrorist attack. A terrorist threw a grenade at Chuck Norris, and this guy did a flying kick to intercept the grenade, saving Chuck and losing his leg in the process.

Regardless, I love that we live in a world where this guy and his car can exist. If you want to know what freedom is, its having the ability to sacrifice your life and limb for our great country, but still manage to enjoy things exactly the way you want. Metallica and a V8 motor, you’ve earned it.

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Via [Hooniverse]

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