One Summer – One Corvette – 14,000 Miles – One for the Books

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Of all the stories I’ve come across of people bonding with their Corvettes, this one might be one of the most unique of them all.

Then again, the idea of putting 14,000 miles on any car over a summer is pretty interesting, which is why this Super Chevy report about Californian Dick Kvamme and his ’61 ‘Vette really grabbed my attention.


After going through a complete overhaul of the car with everything from a reworked ZZ4 350 GM crate engine to a premium audio system, the hot rodder and his wife managed to rack up 14,000 miles in the Corvette over a four-month span.

Kvamme even sold a few other automobiles in his collection to get his ’61 ‘Vette in road-trip condition before spending the summer traveling everywhere from Colorado to Minnesota in the car, and earning a few accolades with its beauty along the way.

Since then, the California couple has been hitting the road for more adventures in the Corvette with seemingly no plans of slowing down soon.


When asked why he’d put so many miles on his gem, Kvamme responds, “If you don’t drive your car, you’re missing the whole point.”

You know, Dick, I couldn’t agree more.

To read the full story of Dick Kvamme and his ’61 ‘Vette in Super Chevy click here.

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