How-To Spotlight: Add Carbon Fiber to Your Corvette Dash

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The look of carbon fiber screams exclusivity, so why not add it to your dashboard?

Carbon fiber is expensive. The product is rigid yet light, and extremely strong. The material is almost totally used in race car bodies, and is one of the quicker ways of dropping weight on a car. As such, adding the look of carbon fiber to your dashboard will raise your Corvette a step above the others.

Corvette Carbon Fiber Dashboard

Today’s How-To Spotlight article walks us through the process of installing a pre-fabricated carbon fiber dash board in a C7 Corvette. The steps for a C5 or C6 will likely be similar overall, but will have different points of reference. You can certainly use this guide as a starting point if you want to take on this project with your non-C7 Corvette.

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Unlike some of our how-to articles, this particular project does require some specialized tools and a reasonable amount of patience. While this is something that you can take on at home, if you do not have the necessary tools and you are not looking to complete the project more than once, it may be a better option to outsource. But that has not stopped you before, has it? No. You are someone who looks a challenge in the eye and says, “I’m going to beat you!” Or in this case, “I’m going to install you!”

So, there is going to be a great bit of satisfaction once you have completed the project, because you accomplished something challenging. And because you then get to enjoy the work every time you drive.

Do you have a carbon fiber story? Let’s hear it and see the results!

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