How to Build a Custom Exhaust

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Engineering makes an exhaust system called the Loudmouth, which is
basically a rear section with no mufflers. While I like the idea, I
really don\’t like the tips that come on it, and I also really didn\’t
feel like spending $500+ for something I could build myself. So I decided
to build my own custom \”Loudmouth\”.
Here\’s a list of the
parts you will need if you decide to do this:
over axle pipes from a C5
coupe or convertible
two pieces of 2.5\” by approximately 12-18\”
aluminized exhaust tubing
two exhaust tips
I bought C5 coupe
exhaust for $40 shipped from a fellow Corvetteforum member, and then took
the car up to a local exhaust shop to have the rest of the system
fabricated. A big thanks to Skatook Muffler & Tire (918-396-3965) for
doing a great job. They took their time and made sure everything fit
perfectly and were really enthusiastic about the project. If you are in
the Tulsa/Skiatook area and need any exhaust, tire, or other car work
done, give them a call. Anyway, they finished up the install including
building new hangers for the rear pipes, lining up system, and welding all
the connections. Total charge from them including the tips: $89. So for
a grand total of $129, I\’ve got a custom \”Loudmouth\” system that
sounds really great and looks great too. As a bonus, I picked up an
additional 6 RWHP with this system on the dyno. One word of warning if
you are thinking about doing this, this system is very LOUD!! Also, there
is some resonance inside the car from about 2000-3000 rpm at light
throttle. I\’m hoping to solve this issue with an x-pipe which may also
mellow the sound of the system just a little bit.
For pics and dyno
results go to:

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