How to Buy a Corvette ZR1 for Peanuts (If You Like to Gamble)

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YouTuber shows us a pair of Corvette ZR1s purchased for a steal at auction, but with some caveats.

Corvette ZR1s are usually not a dime a dozen on the new and used markets, whether it’s nearly $35,000 for a C4-era ZR-1, or at least $118,900 for the 2019 C7 version. But what if you could own one of these magnificent machines for thousands less than they usually go for?

2010 Corvette ZR-1 Copart

Well, you can, but be careful what you wish for. YouTuber Samcrac (he of the infamous restored Dominos DXP delivery cars) recently looked over a couple of ZR1s, starting with a fairly clean 2010 C6 with some water damage selling for around $38,000. At first, its location in Knoxville, Tennessee suggested this ZR1 was not a part of the big mess Hurricanes Harvey and Irma delivered back in 2017, and that all was well with the world.

2010 Corvette ZR-1 Post-Harvey

Not so fast. Samcrac learns through his account that this car arrived from a third party, which turned out be based in Houston. Yes, this car was a Harvey car sold on Copart for around $25,000 back in January 2018, and it was a muddy, filthy beast compared to its Copart listing in Knoxville months later. The car did find a new seller in North Carolina, and it is running well (and available on Craigslist for $40,000, if you like gambling).

1990 Corvette ZR-1 Post-Accident

The second ZR-1 on tap is one of the first, a 1990 C4 model with damage to its door and left rear quarter panel which sold for $6,800. Samcrac says the C4-era ZR-1s have yet to truly appreciate in value compared to later cars, though the 1990 ZR-1 will likely be the first to see its value rise in time. All this one needs is a new door, some wiring, and maybe a new engine computer. So, do you like to gamble?

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