How-To Spotlight: Corvette Front-Lighting Blackout

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Whether you’re driving a C5, C6 or C7, a blackout kit can make your Corvette stand apart from the rest.

The Corvette already looks fantastic. That’s something we can all agree on. But a blackout kit for the front or back of your car can take your ‘Vette to the next level. As with most aftermarket items, laws from county to county, or state to state, will dictate if you can get away with it legally. So make certain to check on that before you actually pull the trigger on the purchase. The last thing you want is to buy something that you can never use, or use once and then get a ticket. Pretty sure that would be a worst-case scenario.


Depending on the blackout kit you purchase, installation can take a few minutes, or it can take a bit longer. Most people are going to have a specific reason as to why one brand or product is better than the next. Some of us have tried a few different options and found one that worked better than another. In the end, most of the kits are installed in a similar way. The more expensive options take a bit longer, but may just last longer and look better. Your budget will likely help you make the decision.

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With today’s How-To Spotlight article, you get a step-by-step guide to installation of a front headlight blackout kit for a C6 Corvette. The installation basics are the same for the C5 and C6, although one may question the need for a C5 headlight blackout kit. Unless you’ve made a modification to the car and no longer have pop-up headlights. Most C5 owners are rocking the side and lower blackout kit similar to the pictures above.

Have you installed a blackout kit on your Corvette? What were the biggest challenges or hurdles? Any recommendations?

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