How-To Spotlight: Get Your Corvette Track Ready

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The Corvette has not always been a car that could tackle the track. That doesn’t mean it can’t be made to do so.

In the last several generations of Corvette production, the cars can nearly drive straight to the track and be ready to go. That does not mean that you are ready for the track, though. And just because the Corvette is built to run, there are a few items that you may want to consider working through before going full out.

If you have ever thought about taking your Corvette to the track, you need to go through a checklist. Some of the necessary items are obvious, some maybe not. Today’s how-to article walks you through that list, and will get you track ready. One of the interesting items about the article is that it can be applied to more than taking your own Corvette to the track. It really is something that each and every race driver goes through, regardless of their experience, or what they are driving for that matter.

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One item that you may want to brush up on, not specifically mentioned in the article, is standard track etiquette. There are dos and don’ts when it comes to track racing. There are a “unspoken” rules that are good to know. Driving in a straight line next to someone (which most of us likely have done, illegal or otherwise) is completely different than fighting for track space with several other cars. Safety is paramount in every situation, but a poor decision on your part can end up in a bad day for not just you, but others around you as well.

In the end, taking your Corvette and seeing how far you can safely push it around a track is a day that you may not soon forget. So when is your next track day? After reading the article, you will be one step closer.

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