How-To Spotlight: Installing a C6 Corvette Spoiler

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Do you feel let down by the back of your C6 Corvette? Maybe you are suffering from spoiler envy? It’s time to update your back end.

From the factory, the stock sixth-generation Corvette looked as it does in the above picture. Nothing too fancy when it came to the center mounted brake light. It had been moved slightly after being placed inside the bumper of the C5, and was mounted just above, on the back deck of the C6. It adds a distinctive look to the car. For some people, however, the small spoiler just didn’t, or still doesn’t, feel right. And it is obvious that the design is simply for aesthetics rather than functionality.

Corvette Spoiler

What options do you have if you are wanting to change the look of the back of your Corvette? It turns out that this is one more project that you can take on at home. Today’s How-To Spotlight article walks us through the process of installing a new rear spoiler on your C6 Corvette. The first step, which may end up being the most difficult, is selecting a spoiler that you want to permanently mount on to your Corvette. You’ll need to make the choice that is best for you and your taste. Some people like high profile looks, some like slimmer looks, and, of course, there is everything in between.

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Once you have decided on the spoiler, it is time for the installation. Commitment is the key here. Take your time. The old adage — measure twice and cut once — is clearly a requirement. Coming back from a mistake here is not going to be an inexpensive repair in most instances. But once completed, this is one of those modification’s that you will be able to take pride in daily.

So what direction are you going with your new spoiler?

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